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Your institution is unique.

Your international recruitment plan should be, too.

We understand the challenges that come with internationalizing a university campus, because we’ve spent the last 55+ years facing them, and in turn developing a wide range of distinctive models to assist institutions like yours. Whether you are trying to internationalize for the first time, or looking to diversify your campus or increase competitiveness within specific programs – ELS can help.

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International Pathway as Part of Your University

ELS Intensive English Program on Your Campus

ELS Global Recruitment Services Alliance

ELS University Conditional Admission Network





International Pathway Center as Part of Your University

ELS International Pathway Programs are a collaborative venture between your university and ELS. Our part of the partnership begins with recruiting, fully supporting, and preparing degree-seeking students for integration and full matriculation into your university. 

Each program we offer is customized based on the unique needs of our university partners – you tell us what you need, and we’ll work to get it done.

We can focus on areas such as: targeted recruitment, curriculum development, and campus faculty/staff support.

In working together, we can ensure you are fully prepared for a growing population of multilingual and multicultural students.

We have two options for working together with Pathway Programs:

  • For undergraduate students – The International First Year Pathway Program
  • For graduate students – The International Masters Pathway Program

ELS Pathway Programs assist to seamlessly transition international students from their home country to their new learning environment on your campus. We combine credit-bearing courses from the first year of each student’s degree program with courses that will:

  • Further develop fluency in English
  • Help with acculturation in a new American academic environment
  • Support learning through ELS-provided services
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nationalities studied at ELS since 1961

ELS Intensive English Program on Your Campus

At the center of opportunity. 

An ELS Center on your campus offers many advantages, starting with ELS’s global recruitment efforts, which result in a constant flow of international student candidates, enriching the educational experience for domestic students. 

A deeper talent pool.

An ELS Center on your campus expands the pool of international candidates to include those needing more English than a typical pathway option provides. We work hard to deliver all the components you need to increase your international student population, and serve the unique needs of these students to prepare them for matriculation. 

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levels of instruction, each consisting of 120 contact hours and proprietary curriculum with proven track record of success

ELS Global Recruitment Services Alliance

Your solution for increased visibility.

Before international students can matriculate into your university, they have to know about you first. 

Our ELS Global Recruitment Services Alliance can provide a wealth of services to increase your university’s global visibility and diversity. With this option, you can benefit from:

  • Your university profile and programs appearing on our extensive online network
  • Access to other ELS marketing materials and in-country resources
  • Counselors with specialized training about your university to fully understand objectives, targets by department and nationality, admissions requirements, and enrollment goals

These agreements require either a five- or ten-year commitment, but entail no financial risk to you. You may also choose to add fee-based services, including: country-specific promotion, international recruitment tours, consulting services, ELS on-site promotion, and ELS country-specific tours. 

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fairs attended by 220,000+ students in 25 countries

ELS University Conditional Admission Network

Conditional Admission increases the number of qualified international applicants inquiring about and applying to your institution’s programs. 

Your university will appear on, which receives more than 400,000 visits per year.

More than 600 colleges and universities accept the ELS Certificate of Completion as proof of English language proficiency. The TOEFL® and IELTS™ round out the three most widely accepted forms of proof of English proficiency. 

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