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Expanding your international presence.

Your institution is unique.

We understand the challenges that come with internationalizing a university campus.

  • Whether you are trying to internationalize for the first time, looking to diversify your campus, or increase competitiveness within specific programs – ELS can support your efforts.
  • If you are interested in further information, simply fill out our contact form and we will begin discussing which programs and services best fit your institutional needs.


Comprehensive and customized programs and services for your campus

ELS Intensive English Program on Your Campus

ELS University Conditional Admission Network (UCAN)

Comprehensive and customized programs and services for your campus

ELS programs are a collaborative venture between your university and ELS. Our part of the partnership begins with supporting your international enrollment management efforts from helping you expand your institutional brand presence to identifying and preparing degree-seeking students for integration and full matriculation into your university.

When we work together, you will be fully prepared for a growing population of multilingual and multicultural students.

Pathway Programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Pathway programs seamlessly transition international students from their home country to their new learning environment. We combine credit-bearing courses from the first year of each student’s degree program with courses that will:

  • Further develop fluency in English
  • Help with acculturation in a new American academic environment
  • Support learning through ELS-provided services

We have two options for working together with Pathway Programs:

  • For undergraduate students – The International First Year Pathway Program
  • For graduate students – The International Master’s Pathway Program
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different nationalities have studied at ELS since 1961

ELS Intensive English Program on Your Campus

When you host an ELS Center, your institution reaps many benefits including exposure across the globe via print, online, and in-country representation.

An on-campus ELS Center increases diversity on your campus, enriching the educational experience for domestic students and serving as a link for international students to your university. Conditionally-admitted students who complete the ELS program on your campus are more likely to matriculate than accepted internationals at large.

What’s more, increase your visibility to international students who are already in the country when they come to your ELS Center to take the official TOEFL® iBT or IELTS exams.

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levels of instruction, each consisting of 120 contact hours and proprietary curriculum with proven track record of success

ELS University Conditional Admission Network (UCAN)

Conditional Admission increases the number of qualified international applicants inquiring about and applying to your institution’s programs.

As part of the UCAN, your university will appear on, which receives more than 400,000 visits per year.

More than 650 colleges and universities accept the ELS Certificate of Completion as proof of English language proficiency. The ELS Certificate, TOEFL® and IELTS are the three most widely accepted forms of proof of English proficiency.

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visits to university websites generated per year

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