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Our seasoned sales team, here for you

Our professional sales team know the global market and get you the results you're looking for. With combined decades of experience, the ELS team can give you exactly what you need to recruit international students. 

Take a minute to get to know them:


Simon gooch sales

Name:  Simon Gooch ( 

Market: Africa

Experience:  Six years at ELS and 18 years in emerging markets.

Simon supports university partners through agent relationship management, experimenting with direct counseling, participating in regular in-country visits to high schools and to meet parents, as well as attending annual ELS recruitment tours for key university partners.



 Joe Chen sales

Name: Joe Chen ( 

Market: Taiwan

Experience: 18 years of experience in student recruitment in Taiwan, including four years from 2008 to 2011 in the China market.

Joe increases institutional brand awareness through promotions and campaigns, working with agent partners, participating in education fairs, doing presentations and seminars in agents’ offices and schools, and attending the ELS recruitment tours for key university partners in Taiwan.





 Jate Puengpatipan sales

Name:  Jatejumras Puengpatipan ( 

Market: Thailand

Experience:  Three years at ELS and 10 years’ experience combined in student counseling and products/sales/customer services for pathway providers.

Jate manages the Thai higher education market through product and process training, marketing, sales, and customer service.



jui Korea sales  

Name: Jui Song (

Market:  South Korea

Experience: Six months at ELS, seven years in the international education industry.

Jui looks to build strong relationship with agents; plan and implement sales activities including seminars, fairs, promotions, and ad campaigns; use the consultative sales approach to students; and attend annual ELS recruitment tours for key university partners.



steven Zhou sales 

Name:  Steven Zhou ( )

Market: East and South West China

Experience: 11 years at ELS, six years at Sino-Singapore Joint Venture education on the campus of 211 Project University in China, and 17 years of experience in the international education field.

Steven manages agent partnerships and works closely with Hailiang Foreign Language School and other international private high schools. He also focuses on colleges and universities in tier two and three cities where students have shown a lower English proficiency, but a strong interest in studying in the U.S.

Arthur lin sales

Name:  Arthur Lin (

Market:  China

Experience: 15 years of experience in the international educational industry and a wealth of experience leading both sales and marketing teams of upwards to 25 people. Arthur’s experience includes coaching team members, monthly sales analysis and forecasting, driving growth, recruitment and training of new members, and the ongoing development of both local and remote teams.



kent guo sales 

Name:  Kent Guo ( 

Market:  South and Central China

Experience: Nine years at ELS, 15+ years of U.S. – China education, business, and cultural exchange.

Kent manages agent relations in Southern China. He brings his US Consulate commercial experience to his role in advising institutions on China market trends.






roy li sales

Name:  Roy Li (

Market: North and Northeast China

Experience:  Eight years at ELS; 13 years of experience in the international education field.

Roy manages agent relationships for Northern China, including large national chain agents, as well as B2B master agents.  Roy works with independent studios for international education and local high schools and universities.

Roy helps to plan annual ELS recruitment tours and workshops for key university and community partners. 



alexandra Perez sales 

Name:  Alexandra Pérez ( 

Market: South America (excluding Brazil)

Experience: 10 years’ in the international education industry for the South American territory. Previous experience includes a Canadian college, work for a Colombian agent, and a US-based ESL provider.

Alexandra brings her experience in international education and agency work to her new ELS role of agent relationship management.




marie claude svaldi sales 

Name:  Marie-Claude Svaldi (

Market:  Middle East/GCC Region

Experience: 16 months at ELS, 30 years in international education and government relations including 3.5 years as the Assistant Director of the ESL Department at the SACM, DC.

Marie-Claude works directly through government organizations, and in-country agents. In addition, she makes regular in-country visits to participate in  ELS recruitment tours, roadshows, and government organized conferences.


mari Aral sales 

Name: Mari Aral (

Market: Japan 

Experience:  28 years at ELS.

Mari participates in the annual ELS recruitment tour, in collaboration with Benesse Corporation (ELS’s parent company), for key college and university partners. She also uses agents and student fairs organized by key ELS agencies to recruit.





mariamma thomas sales 

Name: Mariamma Thomas (


Market: India


Experience: 4 years at ELS; 18 years in international education industry in India and USA


Mariamma works in direct counselling, high school and college visits, student fairs, admission workshops, recruitment tours, and agent networks.




Joshua Gabriel sales 

Name: Joshua Gabriel (

Market:  South East Asia

Experience: 12 years’ experience in international student recruitment, covering European, South American, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets. Over the past five years, a primary focus on South East Asian markets. MSc in East Asian Business from the University of Sheffield.

Joshua’s recruitment tools include growing partner networks, key account management, social media, web advertising, print media, presentations and seminars, conferences and fairs, and strategy and planning.

osman akyuz sales 

Name:  Osman Francesco Akyuz ( 

Market: Turkey and Central Asia

Experience: 12 years at ELS, 14 years in education and marketing.

Osman manages agent relationships for the Turkish market.  This includes agent trainings and facilitation of university visits.  Osman also works closely with government organizations and private universities.





Jeff hutcheson sales 

Name:   Jeff Hutcheson (

Market: In-country opportunities, especially in the Gulf States and China.

Experience: Over 25 years in International Education.

Establishing partnerships for educational import/export, Jeff Hutcheson oversees New Business Development for ELS Language Centers, bringing over 25 years of experience to the position. Jeff has served the clients, students, and partners of ELS Language Centers for the past 15 years, most recently as Senior Director of US Operations. Now focused on New Business Development, Jeff is partnering with institutions and organizations to bring ELS programming and services in-country, establishing partnerships and operations at the source. Jeff is a graduate of Western Kentucky University and a former Ed.D candidate with Vanderbilt University, and he is active in NAFSA, TESOL, and EnglishUSA.





Lindsey Lobez 

Name:   Lindsey Lopez (

Market: Higher Education, North and South America.

Experience: 16 years in international education, 10 years in international student recruitment in North and South America for Higher Education. Former Higher Education Recruitment Director in the education sector.

Lindsey partners with in-market sales team and US university admissions teams to leverage and strengthen existing excellent relationships with governmental institutions, high schools & agencies; Lead ELS HE relaunch campaign in market to position ELS as the only one-stop-shop for all HE inquiries & admissions in the market, while focuses to key institutions based on unique market needs such as price, location, admissions process & criteria, ranking, etc.




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